Town of Goderich Resident and Season Parking Permit Portal  

Please login or create an account to apply for or renew your parking permits:

Steps to online registration

  1.   Create an account
  2.   In the Active Permits section select “Add permit” button on right side – a popup will appear requesting vehicle information
  3.   Enter vehicle information and select “add to cart”
  4.   Repeat process for your second vehicle
  5.   On the Proof of Address section add a photo of proof that you live in the Town of Goderich. Ie. driver licence, property tax or utility bill.
  6.   On the Buy Permit Screen - Permit Shopping cart details will show the vehicles you have registered with zero $ value – you must select “accept terms”  and select the “Buy”   button
  7.   A pop up will appear regarding privacy and terms of reference
  8.   If you agree  - select yes
  9.   The registration process is complete – you will receive an email confirming account setup.  An additional email will be sent when the permit(s) are approved


If you have any questions, please call Town Hall at 519-524-8344.

Please note that if you are charged for a paid permit an additional $2.50 per-permit convenience fee may apply.


For more information regarding parking permits, please visit